The evil genius


Together, computers and the internet have formed a platform that enables us to make things that the whole world can enjoy. It’s been an even playfield for unlimited creativity.

Apple is systematically taking this freedom away, by taking ownership of common design patterns such as page flips, rounder corners on devices and many more.

These are common patterns seen on various things and projects before Apple “invented” it, but in the power of size, money and team of lawyers they use patents to accomplish their mission.

Maybe this should not come as a big surprise, after all Apple has for many years been using their evil genius to make great products that lock us into their way of things.

They lock us into buying music and videos from iTunes when using iPods, iPhones and iPads.

They lock us into using apps that they strongly censure and that only enable payments through their App Store.

They lock us into making contracts to certain phone companies when using the iPhone. Users have to “jail-break” the phones to break out of the jail they oppose.

At least the patents have to stop. We can’t allow big companies to destroy the creativity and freedom we all enjoy using computers.

I still use my genius Apple devices but now I have started to feel disgust.

About the Author

Hjörtur is a creative web developer and co-founder at 14islands.

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